Monday, 12 April 2021

Sunday Walks with my friend - Otley Chevin Forest Park, 11/04/21


Sunday walks with my dear friend Liz have become something we both cherish very much. We started doing these walks in the lockdown and are determined to keep them up regularly. They are now something I look forward to all week. It is a quality time spent together: our time to catch up on the week just gone; our time to connect with nature and enjoy the countryside, and for me also a chance to take photos. Liz is very patient and supportive about my photography, but for me these walks are about our interaction in the first place, so I make sure I only take a few quick shots mainly not straying from the route we chose. One of our favourite walking places is Otley Chevin Forest Park with its beautiful hilly woodland and interesting character. Yesterday it was a beautiful day to ramble around Chevin; rather cold, but sunny. I love walking at this time of year as temperatures are usually perfect for walking for me and the scenery and views not yet obstructed by the thick foliage of summer months. 

"Surprise View" over Otley 

Cleaver Wood

My friend Liz

View over Otley

Vacca Wall

The site of Jenny's Cottage demolished in 1976

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