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Something About (Two) Turnips

Another still life I shot quite some time ago, but just did not fancy sharing it. Since I have not got any new still life images I decided to "dig it out" and look at it again. It was processed with a subtle texture and I decided to use another one that would give the image a more rustic look. It also added some interest to the negative space above the turnips. This root veg has always fascinated me with its pink/lilac colour. 

Bramhope, 17/12/2013

I have been busy sorting out and processing my recent photos as well as clearing them and copying them to an external drive because I am getting a new computer very soon! My existing one has become so slow I cannot do with it any more. And, what is even more exciting, I am also getting a new piece of photo editing software but more about that later! The photos below are from a very nice West Yorkshire village of Bramhope. It was a cold but beautiful winter day.

Out of Sight, but So Much in My Mind

This time of year is the time to reflect and as I do so I cannot help thinking wistfully of my dear Mum, my beloved Zagreb, and of course all my family and friends who live there. So this post I dedicate to all of them. Both photos were taken back in September during my last visit and processed yesterday. My Mum and her naughty but very affectionate young tom cat, Miki. She just adores the cat as the image shows. I have definitely inherited my love for cats from her as my Dad was not that keen on them at all. Ok, I must admit the image is very soft, out of focus to be honest, which probably results from my not being used to taking photos of people but I do not mind the softness here as it goes well with my Mum's softness for cats lol. Mind you, I did focus on Mum's eyes and just do not know what happened. Perhaps a bit of camera shake. I desaturated the colours in post processing as Mum's top was a bit too garish and I also gently removed some of her wrinkles. I tru

Bishop Burton Cottages, November 2013

Bishop Burton in East Yorkshire is one of my favourite English villages. I just love its houses featuring white painted brickwork, short chimneys, rustic porches and gabled dormers. I want to go there at different times of year to explore further and see how the charm of the place changes with  seasons. The last image appears about two stops lighter than on my computer or than I intended it to be. It looks to me that Google automatically corrects dark images, especially shadow areas. Not a great feature as sometimes brightening an image can mean turning and interesting photo into a boring one. Or at least (as far as I am concerned) it can ruin the mood of the image.