Saturday, 26 September 2020

Blue And Green Hydrangea Still Life



Monday, 21 September 2020

A Few Timeless Images From Haworth, Brontë Country

On my recent visit to Haworth I took a few random shots I felt would make for some inspired artistic work. Here are the results.

I don't think I will ever tire of taking photos of the picturesque, olde worlde Haworth Main Street, but by now, I look at the new image and often think it is just yet another photo of the street and how can I make it different from others. I tried monochrome editing which lends itself well to the character of the street and was quite happy to go for the sepia look, created with a Lightroom preset.

I've always wanted to create a dark and ominous image of Top Withens, the ruin high up on Stanbury Moor the location of which is thought to be the inspiration for the location of the house in Emily Brontë's novel "Wuthering Heights". I managed to get a distant shot with quite a good perspective with my long zoom lens; there was no detail in the sky in the original which was perfect for adding a moody and dramatic sky overlay in Photoshop; as a final touch, I also added a bird brush.       

Upper Ponden Barn which is a hunter's lodge now. This building always catches my eye with its bleak top of the hill location on the way to Ponden Kirk, and I have to photograph it every time. The light was changing every few seconds; I particularly liked this lighting with clouds partially obscuring the sun and gently illuminating the grass making the barn and the tree stand out from both the sky and the foreground. 

Cold Knoll Farm, Stanbury. A picturesque farm I usually pass on the way back to Haworth. I have photographed it before, of course, but this is my first monochrome presentation of it. 

Haworth Moor grouse. I met this beautiful bird on my way to Top Withens. A walker coming down from opposite direction had told me there were some grouse around, but I didn't expect to see one from such a close distance. It lingered around for quite a while treating me not only to a close encounter, but also to its fascinating call. I included a couple of video clips of this lovely Red Grouse in my iMovie that can be found in this post.

Detail from Brontë Parsonage Museum, found in the "Children's Study". The room is usually associated with Emily and it is also the room where the young Brontë siblings acted out their plays and wrote in their handmade "little books". The Parsonage is a perpetual source of inspiration for me in more than one way; from my photography point of view, I always hope to come away with at least one new image every time I visit.

Prints of my images are available in my new Etsy shop.

Saturday, 12 September 2020

iMovie: Haworth, Brontë Country, September 2020

My new video comes as highlights through a selection of photographs and video clips of my recent, extremely enjoyable two night stay at my beloved Haworth in Brontë Country.  

A very special thing that happened was that my dear photographer friends, Helen and George Coupe came from Lancaster to meet me and it was such a pleasure to spend quality time with them chatting, walking, taking photos and having a meal together.  

The places featured in the video are Ponden Kirk and Stanbury Moor, Top Withens and Haworth Moor, Penistone Hill Country Park and Brontë Parsonage Museum.

The purple moorland heather, which was my main point of interest on this particular visit, was still very beautiful, but it had already started to go over. 

The best thing about the video is probably my encounter with a grouse. What a beautiful and interesting bird it is! I really don't understand how people can go out and shoot them for fun. I'd never seen a grouse from such a close distance or heard its voice before. It made my day to see it and watch it.