Thursday, 29 April 2021

Vlog: My Birthday Walk With Our Pooch Midge, 23/04/21


This year I spent my birthday with my beloved in laws who live in Newark, Nottinghamshire. The weather was lovely on the day and G and I enjoyed taking our doggie for a walk in the beautiful nearby  woodland.

Walks With My Dog - Gotts Park, 27/04/21


I was delighted to see that the cherry trees in my local park are in full blossom now. It was a must to stand under the tree and look through gorgeous cascading pink balls of flowers reaching down almost to the ground. Such an exquisite gift of Nature!

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Walks With My Dog - Gotts Park, 19/04/21

I don't take photos each and every time I take our dog Midge for his walk, but yesterday morning was one of those extremely beautiful mornings when everyone who likes photography will get inspired to take a few snaps. There was this soft, golden, ethereal light and the colours in nature were glowing pastels of green, yellow and blue; the world around me looked like a dreamy watercolour painting....

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Brontë Parsonage and Haworth Moor On Glorious Spring Morning

Finally I got to visit Haworth, my spiritual home after long, long four months. And what an amazing, totally wonderful day it was! It wasn't my favourite weather for photographing the place, but certainly a gorgeous day for a good blow the cobwebs away hike on my beloved moors. I needed it so much; the thrill of being back is undescribable. 

Window of the Pavé bistro on Haworth Main Street

Brontë Parsonage Museum basking in early morning sunshine

Tree and heather on Penistone Hill

Drop Farm on Haworth Moor

Farm Road on Haworth Moor

Harbour Lodge Farm

Footbridge over Lumb Beck

Penistone Hill


Monday, 12 April 2021

Sunday Walks with my friend - Otley Chevin Forest Park, 11/04/21


Sunday walks with my dear friend Liz have become something we both cherish very much. We started doing these walks in the lockdown and are determined to keep them up regularly. They are now something I look forward to all week. It is a quality time spent together: our time to catch up on the week just gone; our time to connect with nature and enjoy the countryside, and for me also a chance to take photos. Liz is very patient and supportive about my photography, but for me these walks are about our interaction in the first place, so I make sure I only take a few quick shots mainly not straying from the route we chose. One of our favourite walking places is Otley Chevin Forest Park with its beautiful hilly woodland and interesting character. Yesterday it was a beautiful day to ramble around Chevin; rather cold, but sunny. I love walking at this time of year as temperatures are usually perfect for walking for me and the scenery and views not yet obstructed by the thick foliage of summer months. 

"Surprise View" over Otley 

Cleaver Wood

My friend Liz

View over Otley

Vacca Wall

The site of Jenny's Cottage demolished in 1976

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Walks With My Dog - Bramley Park, Easter 2021


It was a glorious Easter Sunday today; I felt very happy to be out on a walk in one of the local parks with my favourite boys this morning. It was a bit cold with a chilly wind, especially up on the hill, but  morning spring sunshine painted the sky and the grass resplendent rich colours, and the air was imbued with crisp new life freshness.


~  Happy Easter! ~

Friday, 2 April 2021

Walks With My Dog - Daffodils At Kirkstall Abbey, 02/04/21


The ancient ruins of Kirkstall Abbey in my neighbourhood must be one of the most beautiful sites in Yorkshire right now with its masses of delightful daffodils bobbing and swaying cheerfully wherever you look. A walk around the place at this time of the year cannot fail to make your day even on a rather chilly and cloudy morning like today. G and I have formed a habit of walking our dog Midge together as often as possible, which is a wonderful thing in many ways; from my photography point of view, it means that I have a much freer mind and hands to take pics and videos.....


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