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Time for a Rest

I had this image in mind for quite some time and finally got to create it. I love antique chairs in photographs so I decided to use my bedroom chair. I took it to the small  bedroom because  the light there was better with the window facing the spot I could place the chair in. I thought my military boots and grey hat would make a good composition placed under the chair and hung off the chair back respectively. The boots look old but they are not really - they were made to look like that. I was not sure about the light to start with, I was hoping for some soft sunlight maybe, but when I took a first couple of shots I quite liked the lighting with the shadow on the wall framing the chair. I processed the image with two of the new Flypaper Pastel Painterly Textures  I bought the other day. They are beautiful, subtle textures and I am very excited at the prospect of using them on my images.

Lavender Bag

I love lavender. This year you could  buy it for a first time in bunches at the local supermarket for a £1 each and of course I could not resist. I had a rather big embroidered cotton lavender bag that I bought at work so I decided to dry the lavender and fill the bag with it. And, as usual, a picture had to be taken. The bag is now hanging off the headboard of my bed and it smells lovely!

Escape to the Country

Just as we thought we had a proper summer here in Yorkshire this year the weather changed for worse and all of the August has been rather rainy, windy and chilly, and all the summer feeling completely gone. The images below are memories of those beautiful July days. Glorious days followed one another so one afternoon I made a quick and unplanned trip to the country just to capture those lovely summer moments.


I have recently joined 500px - a photo sharing site. I know it is another social network site and I firmly promised myself this is the last one I will open an account with. I thought Flickr was the best site to share photos but when I looked around 500px I was amazed at how many fabulous photographers use it. The quality of images overall appears to be much higher than that on Flickr. What's more, unlike Flickr, 500px features a store where photographers have an option to submit their work for licensing. That was the main reason I joined. I don't expect to make much money out of my photography but I do feel I ought to try since they are there. 500px is an opportunity for me to offer for potential licensing those images that are not on Getty or Trevillion. I have also lately become a bit fed up with Flickr. I have been on there for six years now and I needed something fresh which I have certainly found in 500px. I will now be spending less time on Flickr but will always find tim

Gardens in Summer

I could not let this summer go by without showing a few photos of the gardens I have been enjoying. Last winter was very mild and this summer warm with plenty of sunshine so plants and flowers have been abundant and luscious, a sheer joy to have around. The first images are of G's Mum & Dad's garden down south in Kent. It's always very beautiful but I have never seen it so colourful. I particularly like the cosmos and the wooden pot placed in among them, and also the huge, ever so healthy looking red geraniums in the pots on the patio. And of course, there is the gorgeous thirty year old rose against a brand new wooden fence with amazing red-pink flowers. The next photo shows the little garden in front of our house that I have been looking after as opposed to G looking after the back garden. The photo is back from June. The garden has changed a few times since but I have neglected to follow the changes with my camera. That is definitely going to

Little Cutie Colour v B&W

I spotted this lovely dog (I believe it's not a puppy even though I don't know the name of the sort of dog) at the entrance to a charity shop. It was obviously waiting for its master to come out of the shop. Not only is it such a cute dog  but it also made for a great picture sitting next to a colourful display of summer flowers. I don't carry a camera when I go shopping so my mobile came in very handy. I am not sure what made me decided to do a b&w version of the image too but am quite pleased with the monochrome look. It totally changes the feel of the image and gives it a more artful dimension in my humble opinion.