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First iPhone Photos

Yes, I've got it! My first ever brand new iPhone! Latest, top-of-the-range iPhone xs Max. And I am over the moon with it and the fact that I am ready to take a plunge into iPhoneography (iPhone photography). It is for the first time ever in my more than half a century long life that I have a top end piece of technology of any kind. I could simply never afford such a camera, and iPhones, even though not exactly cheap, are a lot more affordable as photo equipment than DSLRs. My new iPhone is an amazing device, takes great photos and is simple to use. While I'm reading some online articles on less apparent camera features and tips on how to create best iPhone pics I have taken my very first tentative frames. Almshouse, Saltaire, West Yorkshire Almshouses from Victoria Street, Saltaire, West Yorkshire Albert Terrace, Saltaire, West Yorkshire Crabapple Tree Booths Yard, Pudsey, Leeds, West Yorkshire Post-Christmas Holly River Aire at Kirkstall Abbey

Festive Winter in Haworth, Brontë Country

This post might be a little late as the festive period is now drawing to an end, but I'm trying not to be in a rush getting back to normal, usual life as there will be more than enough of it in the course of the new year, anyway. Right now I still have some images from my last visit to Haworth back in December I'd like to include in my blog, and here they are on the twelfth and last day of Christmas. In order to have time to leisurely soak up the magic of the village at the most festive time of year I decided to treat myself to an overnight stay at the lovely Weavers Guesthouse which lies just a stone's throw away from Brontë Parsonage. That way I was able to enjoy two days of sheer bliss in my favourite place in the world. For me there is no Christmas without experiencing Christmas spirit and atmosphere of Haworth. Day One On arrival I dropped off my overnight bag and headed straight for the moor. As it gets dark early at the moment, and I just wanted a slow and rela

New Book Cover For New Year

I am so pleased to have received a statement from Trevillion Images.  January statements are the best ones because they come as a New Year incentive for my imminent work. I have a new, German book cover! It is a composite cover consisting of at least four, I'd say five, images with only a small part of an image of mine being used. My image was flipped vertically, and then a small part comprising the path and purple heather was  used as one of the several parts in the creation of the book cover image. For me this book cover is special because this is the first time one of my images of Haworth/Haworth moor has been licensed, Haworth being my chosen haven and heaven on earth. I do like this book cover, and particularly the way my bit adds colour and charm to it. I couldn't have possibly asked for a better theme than a new book cover for a first post of the year. Thank you, Trevillion !