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At Home With Mum in Zagreb

I had not been in Zagreb in winter since I left for England in 1988. I was always able to choose the time of year for my visits, and it was always spring or late summer, when the weather in Zagreb is nice, but not too hot. However, lately my Mum has been poorly after a stroke, so in mid January I decided I had to make a short, unplanned visit to see her. She is recovering well, and we had a lovely time together. It was bitterly cold with freezing temperatures going down as far as -12 degrees Celsius, but I took it in my stride and managed to enjoy winter in my beloved native town. My Mum lives in Tresnjevka, the biggest area of Zagreb, only a few tram stops from the city centre. She lives in a house she had had built in the 1990s. I wanted to spend all my time with Mum and didn't plan on going out to take photos. I didn't even bother to take my DSLR with me; I only packed my little compact Sony. One afternoon, while my Mum was having a nap, I nipped out and took a few shots o

Cotton Balls in Winter

Have you ever seen cotton plant at its cotton balls stage? Well, I hadn't until I bought this delightful, seasonal, winter bouquet at the local supermarket. It contained a fascinating long twig with fluffy white balls. I couldn't resist a few quick shots of the twig on its own. I love the way it resembles a withered plant whose seed heads have been buried in fallen snow. Its amazing wintery look, despite, of course, not being a winter plant at all, made me process the image in subtle, cool blue tones creating a cold winter feel. Oh yes, I embrace winter, just like I embrace all the other seasons. Each season is beautiful in its own right, and I never wish away any of them.... not a single day.....

One Last Christmas: Red House Museum, Gormesal, Bronte Landmark

On Sunday, 11 December I went to a beautiful and very special Christmas event that I will always remember - The Red House Museum Christmas event. I have visited this museum several times, but didn't know about this annual event, and when I learnt about it earlier in 2016, I knew I mustn't miss the forthcoming one, particularly because it was going to be the Museum's last Christmas: sadly, on 21 December the Museum closed its doors to the public for good, the reason being lack of funding available to the Council. The Red House is best known as a home to Mary Taylor, a close friend of Charlotte Bronte, one of the three famous Victorian literary sisters. The two women met at the Roe Head School and formed a strong bond which lasted to the end of their days. Mary was an independent woman who refused to conform to the behaviour expected of a 19th century woman. She influenced Charlotte greatly, especially in encouraging her to travel to Brussels where she accompanied