Friday, 30 July 2021

Emily Brontë: 203rd Birthday Tribute


Happy Birthday To A Perpetual Muse!

Emily Jane Brontë (1818-1848), Victorian artist, poet and author of "Wuthering Heights", one of the best classic novels ever written in the history of literature

"So hopeless is the world without;
The world within I doubly prize;
Thy world, where guile, and hate, and doubt,
And cold suspicion never rise;
Where thou, and I, and Liberty,
Have undisputed sovereignty."

~ Emily Brontë, "To Imagination" ~

David Austin Emily Brontë rose outside Brontë Parsonage Museum, Emily's home. The rose was planted in 2018 for Emily's bicentenary birthday.

As seen in the dining room of Brontë Parsonage Museum, a bonnet the kind of which would have been worn by Brontë sisters.

One of my favourite quotes by Emily, paired with a favourite photo of heather on Haworth Moor that I took back in 2015. It was an amazing year for heather; it has never looked so good since! 

Emily's writing desk as seen in this year's display at Brontë Parsonage Museum. 

"Nero, body of a Merlin", © Brontë Parsonage Museum; 1841 watercolour by Emily Brontë of a hawk she found injured on the moor and nursed back to health. 

The kitchen table at Brontë Parsonage Museum containing Emily's German dictionary. She liked to look at it while baking bread (which she was very good at) or preparing food for family meals. 

The piano in Patrick Brontë's room at Brontë Parsonage Museum which was played mostly by Emily.

Another quote by Emily that strongly speaks to me paired with a sunset on Penistone Hill image I took on my recent visit to Haworth. 

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Summer Reverie At Long Bridge, Haworth, Brontë Country

It was a very warm summer day; one of those rare scorchers here in Yorkshire, and the last of my three days stay in the beloved Haworth. To keep cool I chose a shady short walk to Long Bridge, one of my top three favourite spots in the whole of Brontë Country. Apart from a couple of walkers passing by I had this magic, idyllic place entirely to myself with only some cute sheep and their lambs for company. I lingered here for a good couple of hours having a most enjoyable, mindful time immersing myself in nature, reading a book, and of course, doing a bit of photography. 

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Emily Brontë Inspired Still Life With Cotton Grass


"But angel like, when I awoke,

Thy silvery form so soft and fair

Shining through darkness, sweetly spoke

Of cloudy skies and mountains bare"

~ Emily Jane Brontë ~

Cotton Grass - Haworth Moor

Vase - The Store, Haworth

Little Brontë Book - EmilyInGondal

Quill - Brontë Parsonage Museum Shop