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Portraiture Photography With Mehgan

Recently I had a chance and a great pleasure to photograph a very beautiful young woman - Mehgan Weatherley. I first met Meg six years ago at a Christmas temp job, and we have stayed in touch through Facebook. I was delighted when she said she needed some photos for her business and asked  if I'd take some portraits of her. It didn't take long to happen as both of us were very keen at the prospect. Meg lives in Bingley, so I suggested the beautiful Bingley St Ives country park for our location which she accepted gladly. We knew it was going to be a hot, sunny day and we wanted the best light. Not being an early riser I suggested meeting after 5 o'clock in the afternoon when the harsh sunlight begins to soften, but Meg preferred early morning. I thought I'd make an effort as an idea of early morning photography sounded very appealing for a change. That day I got up at 5 o'clock, and it was well worth it. I had an amazing day with everything a photographer could possi