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Lane End Farm, Tong, West Yorkshire

Here are a few images of the farm animals I found at Lane End Farm in Tong village. They were taken back in February and were one of the first iPhone images I took, but I've just processed them now. I decided to crop them square and wonder if the quality would have been much better if I took them in square format in the first place. But, at the time of taking these shots I had a different composition in mind and only afterwards felt square crop actually worked better. One of many good sides of using square crop is that square images appear much larger on social media sites than rectangular ones. The processing apps I used here are Snapseed and PhotoToaster; I must say I'm falling in love with monochrome photography all over again, even if it's only about converting digital images into black & white. It is amazing what the absence of colour can do, especially if you are able to come up with good monochrome tones. There are a few lovely working farms w

The Town of Halifax In A Few Monochrome Snaps

In my previous post I blogged about a great black and white photography exhibition by Helen Burrow, entitled " A Brontë Reader ", which I went to see in Halifax. Despite being a city child, these days I don't go visiting large towns and cities unless they hold something specifically of interest to me, and to be honest, my passion for photography doesn't include anything to do with cities and large towns. Halifax is a typical West Yorkshire, Calderdale town, but it does have a couple of distinctive and attractive landmarks that made me want to reach for my iPhone to take pics. Helen Burrow's exhibition left me in sheer awe and tempted me to edit the photos I took on the day in black and white. It is at times like this that I miss having a film camera and a darkroom I used to have in the 80's when I first took up photography. Times are different now and I'm having to stick to digital photography. To convert these images in black and white I used the PhotoTo

"A Brontë Reader", Photographic Exhibition By Helen Burrow

It had been a while since I was at a photography exhibition; the truth is that there are not very many taking place around here where I live in Leeds, or at least I don't hear about them. So I was very pleased and excited to learn about Helen Burrow 's photo exhibition running in Dean Clough, Halifax, 9 February - 21 April 2019. What was specially interesting for me is that the photographs are based on Haworth and places associated with the literary Brontë family of whom I am a huge fan. On the first opportunity I took a bus to Halifax and paid my very first visit to the fascinating Dean Clough, a group of 19th century factory buildings, presently used to house various art exhibitions and business venues. Here is a glimpse and a taste of Helen's exhibition which, of course, cannot be compared to the experience of viewing it at the gallery, but it can give a rough idea to those who are unable to attend in person. I personally was very impressed by what I saw. It was

Late February Weekend in Haworth, Brontë Country

Last Sunday the weather here in Yorkshire was incredibly nice for this time of the year. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the warmest and sunniest February day on record. I must admit it was a bit shocking, and I wasn't sure what to make of it, but the truth is that it was a stunningly beautiful late winter/early spring day. And I was so grateful to be able to pay my first visit of the year to Haworth, the place where I need to go to as often as I can; the place where my heart tells me to go to; the place where my soul finds respite and my mind inspiration for everything I do/want to do in my life; this is where my home will be in a not so distant future, I hope. There was a lot I wanted to fit in a still short winter day: a walk on the moor; a visit to Brontë Parsonage where a new exhibition opened at the beginning of the month; a look around the Main Street shops, and a hearty meal and relaxing moment in one of the village's cosy haunts before I headed back to Leeds. An