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Sapgate Gardens, Thornton, Brontë Country

 Wandering around the old streets of Thornton, a village near Bradford, where my perpetual muses, the literary Brontë Sisters were born at the beginning of 19th century, I stumbled upon a little heaven on earth which is Sapgate Community Gardens . It is a gorgeous nature spot with beautiful elevated views  where the locals plant whatever they fancy for everyone's enjoyment. The gardens are a precious gem every village should have, especially in today's climate where an urgent need has arisen for humankind to reclaim its connection and appreciation of nature in order to preserve itself.  "Plant like your life depends on it, for it does." ~ Colette O'Neill, Bealtaine Cottage ~

Vlog: A Summer Sunset Walk On Penistone Hill, Haworth, Brontë Country

  I have been walking Haworth and Stanbury Moors in Brontë Country for many years now, but I have never had or seized a chance to be there on a beautiful summer sunset evening until last week. Oh my, the magic of it makes me want to witness the beauty as many times as possible in the future. On this particular occasion the sunset may have not been as spectacular as it can possible be, but nevertheless, the experience of being on those bleak hills as the sun was slowly slipping below the horizon bathing the landscape in warm, soft glow mingled with blue fading light was simply sublime.  Etsy Shop

Still Life With Irises

  A still life dedicated to my dear and beautiful Croatian childhood friend Andrina, who has been going through some intensive and gruelling health therapy.  Iris is Croatian national flower and Andrina's favourite flower. It also happens to be associated with  people who have a stoma on their abdomen following a bowel operation, usually to remove cancer, which is Andrina's case. Like many flowers, iris ("perunika" in Croatian) is a symbol for some concepts, too.....  

Summer Evening at Haworth, Brontë Country

  "The evening sun was sinking down On low green hills and clustered trees It was a scene as fair and lone As ever felt the soothing breeze" ~Emily Jane Brontë~ Etsy Shop

Walks With My Dog - Gotts Park, 3/6/21

  Enjoying the last of spring blossom before summer sets in and flowers disappear from trees.  Etsy Shop