Saturday, 23 February 2019

New Puppy And Introduction to Pet Photography

After years of refraining ourselves from getting a dog we are finally in a position to own one, and I am very happy to say that ten days ago we got a gorgeous Border Terrier puppy we named Midge. It is a very positive, life changing experience for us in so many ways. We now have a new family member and a precious companion; someone to shower with love, care and attention. We will now spend a lot more time outside and I am so looking forward to this. I cannot wait for Midge to be ready to go out for his first walk in about two weeks time; I cannot wait for all of us to explore together the great outdoors and the nature. And I am so excited by the prospect of further developing my love for seasons and the ever changing nature.
Like every dog owner I intend to take lots of photos of my dog. However, so far pet and animal photography hasn't really been my area of interest. I have never been much of a portrait photographer at all. Prefering to have time to compose my images leisurely and unhurriedly I have always gone for stationary subjects. But Midge has made me think and I am beginning to feel differently about photographing animals. Also, I have a female contact on Flickr who takes artistic photos of animals in nature; the beautiful images of her lurcher and other critters inspire me to try my hand at that type of work.
At the moment Midge is not easy to photograph, not only because of my lack of experience, but also because he is very lively and never stops for a second unless he is asleep. He is only nine weeks old and not yet trainable to do things. For that reason most photos I've taken so far are of G holding him.

I am looking forward to seeing how my pet and animal photography evolves as Midge grows and slowly becomes an adult dog. I'm starting to feel keen enough to look up some pet photography tips and guidelines, too. And you never know - being a huge animal lover I may even become an accomplished pet/animal photographer one day; you never know; I'll keep my options open.

All photos in this post are taken with my iPhone and processed using only the basic iPhone camera's built in editing app.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Valentine's Day

I'm not really into Valentine's Day, but I am always inspired by seasons and occasions, so here is some work I have done recently with forthcoming Valentine's Day in mind.
I loved playing with my new iPhone and particularly using Snapseed and Mextures apps for post processing.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Tong Village on a Fine Winter Day

Tong village lies on the border of Leeds and Bradford cities and about 15 minutes drive from where I live. It's a rather pretty rural place with a nice country pub, the "Greyhound" and a great garden centre where I used to work. I often meet my friend from Birkenshaw at the Greyhound for lunch and on this cold but beautiful January day we celebrated his birthday there. Before heading back home I made sure I caught the last of the winter sunlight with my iPhone.

Who says winter isn't beautiful?! Well, I certainly love it, just like I do every other season, each month having its own distinctive charm the ever changing nature bestows upon it.