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Tower Bank Arms and Hill Top, Sawrey, Lake District, 31/08/2011

The weather and lighting conditions have been appalling, and what with Christmas preparations I normally start in the second half of November time for taking pictures have virtually been non existent. Thankfully, I always have some photos in the archives that are worth digging out and processing. The ones bellow are taken on my visit to the village of Sawrey and  Beatrix Potter's farm and cottage, Hill Top. I love Beatrix Potter. She is one of the women who inspires me the most. Every time I need a bit of mental boost I reach for one her books, whether it is one of her children's stories, her biography or anything published to do with her - I have it all. The Tower Bank Arms is the village pub that features in Beatrix's illustrations and stories. I have just processed the image, while the rest of the images I processed previously and uploaded to my Flickr photostream. The second image is my personal tribute to Beatrix. It is a shot of the bench outside her cottage window an

Tong Village, 14/11/2012

Tong is a lovely village on the border between Bradford and Leeds. It is only a short drive from where I live and since it is full of interest I often go there to take photos when I don't feel like going far. On this particular day I decided to do a circular walk comprising Fulneck with my friend Colin, who often comes with me on my walks. We had done the walk before so this time we decided to take a different path at the start. The path took us to a farm which we did not know about and then onto a field. I forgot how muddy it is at this time of year and was not surprised to realize we will not be able to walk through fields as in some places the mud was just to deep. We returned to the main road and decided to stick to well defined paths and tracks. It meant we had to go back the same way as there was no circular route that avoids fields, but we did have a pleasant stroll and managed to stay more or less mud free. And, most important, I got a few pictures. On our return to the v

Autumn Night's Dream

This little wooden hut with its red brick feature on the side wall lies near a woodland path not far from Fulneck, Pudsey. One can only get a good view of it over a locked metal gate. It does not seem to be used and the owner apparently does not want people near it. It was an overcast, rather dull day and my shots had no detail in the sky. I felt the image lends itself to a use of texture that would give it a bit of drama. I came across a night with moon texture layer by Lenabem-Anna that blended nicely with my image. I also added a bird brush by SkeletalMess.

Seasons in my Window

Since my "Spring in My Window" image attracted a lot of views on Flickr I decided to create a series entitled "Seasons in My Window". I wanted each image to include a glass object as I like the way glass looks on a window sill backlit by the light coming in from outside. For my autumn image I started composition with a vintage woven bottle my Mum gave me when I was in Zagreb this summer. I like the green and red colours on it. Then I took an orange squash as a typical autumn vegetable and some grapes - an autumn fruit. I added a small oil lamp which I liked not only because of its orange glass but also as something symbolically needed due to shorter days autumn brings. Now I cannot wait for some snow to do a winter image! Autumn in My Window Spring in My Window

Troutbeck Village, 27/04/2012

This is one of the most charming and interesting villages I have ever visited. It is situated in my favourite part of England - the Lake District. My dear friend Suza came from Zagreb to stay with me for a week, and I wanted to take her somewhere really beautiful, somewhere I have not been before either. In fact, I did visit Troutbeck once before but it was raining so we left without exploring. The first image shows some gorgeous, very old houses that fascinated me because they seem to be built without cement or anything to keep the stones together. The second image is the last I took on the day. The late afternoon light was changing moodily every few seconds and I loved the spring colours that were not dissimilar to those of autumn.