Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Recent Still Life Work

While I have been waiting for spring to arrive I have been busy doing still life work indoors. Spring always comes to my house before it does outdoors thanks to the beautiful spring blooms you can buy in the local supermarket and which I simply cannot resist every time I am there. This year I was pleasantly surprised to see anemones for a first time ever in a supermarket. And I noticed snowdrops in the park next to my house for a first time too as I now use the park to walk to the bus stop when I go to work.

By the time I picked these snowdrops they had fully opened. I think they are very pretty looking like they are about to take off! I bought the blue checked cloth and the earthenware pot specifically for a shot with them. I like the contrast between the delicate flowers and the sturdy pot. I teamed them with a vintage mantel clock blurred in the background for some extra interest. It also helped me with titling the image - I called it "Snowdrops Time".

This is a completely unplanned and spontaneous shot. As I was tidying up after a shoot the light suddenly changed and the window became bathed in lovely soft and gentle sunlight filtering into the room through the net curtains. I quickly grabbed the vase with pink hyacinths from the dinning room table and paired it with the first thing that came to my mind - the blue and white Delft candle holder. The post processing was very quick too - just one cloud and sky texture to add to the fleeting mood of the image and the pastel colour palette.

I love flowers and I love photographing them but I am finding it increasingly difficult to come up with fresh ideas of capturing them. You cannot go wrong with a simple composition so there it is: anemone sitting on top of my blue and white vintage candle holder. The anemone was actually red but I wanted to create an image with spring shades and feel so I changed the colour of the anemone to hot pink. I processed it subtly with the lovely Pastel Painterly Flypaper Textures which I have been using quite a lot lately.

I had been looking for a vintage ring for a while and have finally found one in one of my favourite vintage and antiques shops in Otley. It is a 1950s ring with a tiger eye stone and a concealed lip balm container. I love it, and of course, wanted to do a still life with it. I thought my little antique porcelain trinket box with a lovely cameo on its lid would be a suitable prop so I placed it behind the ring and made sure the cameo is just clear enough for the motif to be discernible. In post processing I darkened the area of the image behind the box and applied a heavy vignette to keep the eye in on the ring and the box, and to add a romantic note I used lace and veil texture layers.