Saturday, 3 June 2017

Still Life With Cameo Brooches

While I am working on another lengthy post on the Lake District I thought I'd make a quick digression to share a couple of still life images I'd created recently. Being a big fan of vintage I love cameos, and had been toying for quite a while with the idea of using them in my photography.

I got this beautiful coral colour cameo brooch for my birthday from my friend. Whilst admiring london pride flowering in my garden it occurred to me its colours echoed the ones of my brooch, and instantly an idea was born in my mind; I was going to pair the two to create a soft, pastel, ethereal image exuding springtime feel. Next, I needed a handwritten text, so I reached for my well loved copy of "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady". I leafed through the spring pages, May mainly, as it was May, and chose this beautiful ode to a spring morning by William Wordsworth.

Here are all four of my cameo brooches; just a simple image where I arranged them on top of the cover of an old book. I like that the brooches are of different colours, and how they stand out on the red, naturally textured background.

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  1. Beautiful image Vesna. You have such an artistic eye.
    Jacquie x