Thursday, 29 June 2017

Foxglove Season

Every year around June time these beauties catch my eye with their spire like appearance laden with purple bell shaped flowers. Some species of foxglove have speckled centres which gives them the intricate, blousy look. They all attract bumblebees, and I enjoy watching them fumble about in the bells. I love the way foxgloves grow in the Yorkshire countryside as wildflowers and the way they interact with other shapes and forms in the nature. You can buy them in pots at some florists and garden centres too; they are the cottage garden classic and work very well teamed up with say lupins and roses in evoking that nostalgia of a past age. For me, foxgloves are, above all, one of the perfect reasons to praise the beginning of summer.


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  2. They're so common around here I tend to take them for granted. Your photos remind me that I shouldn't.