Saturday, 13 August 2022

Little Stories Of My Life In Pictures: August (Part I)


A photo diary of a photographer, nature lover, keen home maker and the Brontë Sisters fan

Some beautiful grass seeds I'd never seen before. There is a vast amount of them in the field behind York Gate Garden

Our gorgoeus great niece Inka on the day we were looking after her while her Mummy had a five month pregnancy scan. We learned that Inka is going to have a little sister at Christmas time.

Beautiful nigella, love-in-a-mist I picked on a dog walk from the bottom of a wall. Must sow some seeds of it in my garden

Self-portrait with rudbeckia and verbena taken during a bit of mindful time in the local park

Picnic at Gotts Park Mansion. It was raining off and on and the benches at the mansion's colonnade were a perfect place for a spot of picnic.

Shadow self-portrait. I stopped to admire the oxeye daisies touching the floor and noticed they seemed to occupy interesting places on my shadow beneath themselves

Our doggo Midge waiting for his Daddy G to come home from work. There is no pattern to the time, yet he seems to know when his Daddy is due home anyway

Bridge Cottage, a charming cottage situated in the middle of Adel Woods, and on the bank of  Adel Beck. Love walking around there and always marvel at the location of this beautiful house.

My friend Liz and I have made a habit of wearing our rose quartz bracelets on our Sunday walks. It is my birth stone and Liz's favourite colour

A beautiful, tranquil spot on Adel Beck my friend Liz and I discovered on our recent Sunday walk.

Enjoying sunset time on an evening dog walk

R.I.P. Noah, a beautiful boy from a beautiful family. I hope angels are looking after you up there. We share the same birthday, so I will always remember you.


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  1. Hello Vesna, I am a first time visitor to your blog coming here from the Jenny’s salt & light blog and always looking for new and interesting blog sites. That said, I have enjoyed looking at quite a lot of your older posts and like the way you tell a story through the captions added to them. Also, on my own blog, I like to share a list of other blogs which are interesting to myself and perhaps to others as well. However, I always like to ask a fellow blogger if this would be okay with them as well. Of course, I also invite you to visit my own blog if you would like.