Friday, 5 August 2022

Little Stories Of My Life In Pictures: July (Part III)

 A photo diary of a photographer, nature lover, keen home maker and the Brontë Sisters fan

I like making sausage rolls; everybody likes them.

My doggo Midge hiding in the shade on an extremely hot day

Canal boat on my way to TCV Hollybush

Self-portrait in the window of a canal boat

A supermarket cat; she is always hanging around my local Aldi's car park

Afternoon rest station next to my sofa. In the framed photo on the left is Patrick Brontë, the father of the genius I am continuously inspired by. The image on the slate to the right is a present from our best friends. It is a transfer of my photo which has been licensed for a book cover eleven times!

The post box I pass every day on my dog walks to the local park

Bed within bed: our dog makes his bed in our bed

Me and G with our best friends Dave and Liz. We were supposed to go for a walk, but it rained so we went to the pub instead

Rainy day around Kirkstall Abbey 

I'm not and will never be a wildlife photographer, but I loved this little scene that screamed summer. You know the summer is in full swing when coneflowers are in bloom

Some plums ripening in the little Lilac Grove Park in my neighbourhood hinting autumn is just round the corner

Hypericum from Hollybush. I was clearing the sides of the polytunnel where it was growing behind the benches, so instead of composting all of it I brought some home and put it in a vase. As usual, it made me think of a still life composition. I like to celebrate the beauty of nature this way.

The books I was reading in July. They are mainly reference books which I read/look at every month

The charming little, but much needed post office on Haworth Main Street closed after more than 185 years of serving the locals the day before I took this picture. It was the first scene I saw when I arrived for a visit to Haworth. It was Emily Brontë's birthday and the sight wasn't a good one to start the celebrations with.  

Alliums at York Gate Garden - a favourite haunt after Sunday walks with my friend at this time of the year. We love to have a stroll around here followed by a drink and snack in the cafe

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