Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Around Haworth On A February Morning

As I am writing this my beloved Haworth and its inhabitants are coping with the aftermath of the storm Ciara that caused damaging floods to the bottom part of the village. I dearly hope that the consequences are not too painful or costly and that damages are removed and fixed before long.
Just two days before the storm I had a most enjoyable time in Haworth. In the morning I wanted to go for a walk to Long Bridge, a gorgeous spot in the Brontë Country I call my haven; a magical little place where I go to now and then for a peaceful, relaxing moment. It was a misty and very cold morning, the sun tentatively waiting to reveal its face from behind the veil of mist. I walked down Lord Lane, climbed over the stile to carry on along the fields by the river Worth, but as I suspected, it was too muddy for my liking. I went back and instead walked along the river the opposite way, along the path to Spring Head Road.

View of Worth Valley from Lord Lane

A red Wendy house on the river Worth

Springhead Farm 

Rural scene on the river Worth

River Worth

I returned to Haworth via Victoria Avenue and Mytholmes Lane, and just had enough time for a quick visit to the Brontë Parsonage Museum and graveyard.

Brontë Parsonage Museum

Haworth Church and Old School Room from the Parsonage front garden

John Brown's grave

Now it was time for a special encounter which I shall blog about in a separate post. It was a truly great day!

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