Sunday, 1 December 2019

Top Withens Photoshoot With Haidi, August 2019

This post has been long overdue sitting in my Blogger drafts for months, so I thought I'd finally finish it off and get it ready for publishing.

When my beautiful and talented niece Haidi came to stay with her partner Bruno back in August there was one thing we had to make sure happened: a photoshoot at Top Withens, a landmark farmhouse ruin near Haworth in Brontë Country. The location was possibly an inspiration for the location of the house named Wuthering Heights in the famous novel by Emily Brontë. Being a Brontëite, inspired and intrigued by Emily Brontë in particular, I often walk to this place and spend some quiet and reflective time there. Some of my photos of Top Withens can be seen in this post.

I've always wanted to photograph a young female model at this remote, lonely and weatherbeaten location in a photoshoot reminiscent of Cathy Earnshaw, the main heroine of the novel. Cathy falls ill and dies young amidst a passionate and troubled love affair with Heathcliff, and years later her ghost appears in the night at the window of Wuthering Heights begging to be let in.

Haidi, who is great at modelling generally and is always keen and ready for new ideas proved to be more than a suitable model for the theme I had in mind - Catherine Earnshaw returns and revisits the ruins of the house she grew up in and lived with Heathcliff in during her childhood.

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