Friday, 16 August 2019

August in Golden Acre Park, Leeds

As I write this the weather here in Yorkshire is very disappointing; It's the middle of August and there is a lot of rain, strong winds are blowing and temperatures wavering around 17 degrees. I am so pleased I managed to experience some real summer earlier this month and take a handful of colourful shots I can now look at to warm my heart. It was a wonderful day out in Golden Acre Park with G, my lovely niece Haidi and her partner Bruno who had come from Croatia to stay with us, and, of course, our doggy Midge. Golden Acre looked more beautiful than I had ever seen it; the gardens were bursting with various gorgeous flowers and plants. It was one of those rare days I shall cherish forever. I am hoping to go back one evening with fond memories in my mind and take some photos in the golden hour.

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