Thursday, 16 April 2015

More Recent Still Life Work

I had wanted to create an image with my vintage bread bin for a long time. It lends itself well to a simple, country/rustic still life. It was relatively easy to find props that work well together. My photographer friend Jasenka says it is one of my best stills, and I feel she may be right there.

A vintage, nostalgic image created with some old postcards I had bought in Otley. The writing on the postcards is in Polish, I believe, so I assume they come from a Polish postcard collector. Loved using my Edwardian jewelry box with its red felt inside.

This is not really my recent work, I shot this a long time ago, but was not sure if I liked it or not. Recently I saw a texture that inspired me to try it on this image and I was quite happy with the result and the fact that I managed to save the image from the dark corners of the archives.

I like to think of this image as book cover-ish. I have not submitted it to any photo agency yet but it was made in vein of many simple random object images that can be found in the collections of online photo libraries. As I must have said before, I love red in photographs, and here the little red tartan bag seems to work well with the rustic feel of the image.