Friday, 17 April 2015

First visit to the Haworth Moor

Despite visiting the beautiful historic village of Haworth a few times since I moved up to Yorkshire I had never ventured out onto the Moor until the other day. It was a lovely spring day, a great time to go and see what it was that inspired the Bronte sisters to create their much acclaimed and liked literary works of art. The moors are windswept and bleak but beautiful in their bleakness with stunning distant views all around. It was breezy (the least one can expect, I guess) with a few fluffy white clouds and the light generally quite nice for photography. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am already planning a return and a walk to more distant landmarks associated with the Bronte sisters and their work. Here is a selection of a dozen images from the walk in the order I took them. And apart from a few minor lighting tweaks they are all straight out of the camera.

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