Friday, 16 October 2020

Oakwell Hall And Garden, West Yorkshire, October 2020

October is such a beautiful and colourful month, so I am trying to visit all the wonderful nature spots I am lucky to live in the vicinity of. 

Yesterday I drove to Oakwell Hall which is a very special place to me being a Brontëite. Victorian author Charlotte Brontë visited here in 1830s when it was a school and she featured the beautiful Elizabethan manor house in her last novel "Shirley" under the name "Fieldhead".

The hall was closed as it is only open at weekends, but the gorgeous garden is open every day, and I had an enormous pleasure strolling around and enjoying the sheer magic autumn has been weaving here. Apart from leaves turning incredible colours, holly bushes boasting myriads of their little red berries etc, there was still a lot of colourful flowers around, especially deep pink sedum. Some amazing looking seed heads also held my attention, particularly those of giant thistles. 

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  1. How beautiful! The location and colours are so beautiful.