Sunday, 1 April 2018

Easter 2018 Still Life

As I write this it's wet and windy out there; but I have seen colourful crocuses, primroses and daffodils cheerfully dotted around and my favourite camellia in its luscious bloom; trees are starting to bud up and days are longer and brighter; spring is finally upon us!... And it's Easter time! I love Easter! It is such an uplifting holiday.... a religious one, but for me also a celebration of the arrival of spring, the most longed for seasons of all.
Every year, as part of my Easter celebrations, I endeavour to create a festive still life image.

I have had these wondrous, decorative eggs for quite a few years. They were given to me by my Croatian friend's late mother, who in turn were given the eggs by a friend that painted them. I have never seen Easter eggs like these; they are unique and so skillfully and beautifully made. I have long thought of using them for my Easter still life, but somehow other ideas tended to prevail. Until this year!!
The eggs are so eye catching and interesting that a most simple and obvious composition suffices. A subtle texture use in postprocessing adds my ever favoured soft, painterly, vintage look.

~ Happy Easter & Springtime! ~ 

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  1. Happy Easter and Springtime to you too Vesna. I love your decorated eggs and the story behind them.
    Jacquie x