Sunday, 6 August 2017

Summer Afternoon on Penistone Hill, Haworth, Brontë Country

Yesterday, after some shopping on Main Street and a lovely lunch with a friend in The Old White Lion, one of my favourite pubs in Haworth, I headed for Penistone Hill Country Park to do a bit of moorland photography and just enjoy the wonderful and inspiring landscape I love so much. It was nearly 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the sun was still shining and getting lower in the sky, and there were also big white clouds in the blue skies. The lighting was beautiful and varied with the sun often slipping behind the huge clouds and then showing its face again. I love being out with my camera on a day like that when you get a whole gamut of different light within as little as an hour or two.
I edited the photos with just basic and gentle tweaks in Lightroom, intending to just enhance the scenes as I found them rather than changing anything about them.

The main purpose of my visit to the moor was to take photos of the heather, which is at its best at this time of year, to use in my tribute image to Emily Brontë for her bicentenary birthday next year. I realized that heather on Penistone Hill is not quite as spectacular as further away on the moors, but I did manage to find some good stretches of it.

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