Saturday, 21 February 2015

Otley Bridge

It was a bitingly cold but sunny winter day at my favourite Otley. I decided it was too cold to be taking a lot of photos and spent most of my time looking around the shops. I paid a quick visit to the Wharfe Meadow Park and watched people feeding swans while I ate my lunch. The sunlight on the bridge arches and its reflections in the water were very attractive so I took a few shots. When I imported the pics onto my computer I was pleased to see that the light in shady areas was blue providing a nice colour contrast in the image. Composition-wise I liked best a shot that did not contain the figure of a woman in a red jacket. However I was keen on using the figure because the red was going to add another striking colour so I made a layer of it in Photoshop and merged it with my desired shot. I added textures and a bird brush, and also some radial blur to create dreaminess and draw the attention to the woman enjoying the view from the bridge.

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