Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Winter Sunlight

It has been very cold with a lot of wind, snow (not settling) and rain. Not very motivating at all to go out with the camera, so I thought I would edit an earlier photo for posting to Flickr, and, of course, here on my blog.
I like the simplicity of the composition of this image with the remains of an old wooden gate giving it an unusual interest and contrast of tones. Also the lovely low sun casting a beautiful warm glow onto the snow. I felt the image would benefit from deeper, more colourful sky so I added a brownish "grunge snow" texture. It also created a nice soft vignette and made the sunlight golden. These days I try to use textures more carefully. I believe gone are the days when strong textures were a fashionable style of processing. It is good to use textures to enhance images but overuse can easily have a detrimental effect. It's all about measure....as always for that matter.



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