Sunday, 20 July 2014

Catching up

It has been nearly threes weeks since I posted here. So far I have had the busiest summer I can remember with first my friend from Zagreb staying with me and then the kitchen revamp and working long hours at work covering for my boss's holidays. I still found an odd moment here and there to take or process photos. Having recently started mobile phone photography I have also been trying to decide whether to post on my blog all the mobile phone photos I want to share or just certain ones. I decided that all the snapshots and social photos I will share on Facebook only and my blog and Flickr will be just for a more creative images. Today's post is a collection of images I have taken/worked on in the last three weeks.

Photos taken with camera:

Some houses in the village of Darley, in Nidderdale, Yorkshire Dales. I completely fell in love with the farm house in the first photo. I could move in tomorrow! The grand house in the second photo also caught my eye of course, but it is the farm house I would choose any time between the two. The third photo shows the village green. Next to the post there is a board with maps of some lovely walks around the village in the beautiful Dales countryside.

A window sill still life created for my Flickr album named "Seasons in My Window" inspired by my new net curtains, old books and ink blotter as well as the red tones of the curtain and alstroemeria  flowers.

I took this photos back in 2012. I fancied sharing a landscape and this image appealed to me for its lovely silvery contrasting light. It was very easy and quick to process not needing anything other than slightly modifying exposure and colour.

Photos taken with mobile phone:

I simply adore sunflowers! They are among the top favourite summer things for me. They bring summer indoors adorning my dinning room table throughout the season.

Love my kitchen window sill and am always changing and rearranging the objects on it according to the season and time of year. Our back garden that can be seen outside gives the set up a nice backdrop and emphasizes the theme.

My favourite part of our newly revamped kitchen. Love the antique copper utensils I won on Ebay and the retro saucepans both from the country I was born in.


  1. Krasne su sve fotografije! Uvijek tvoj lijepi i prepoznatljivi stil. Sviđa mi se to korištinje mobitela kao fotića, čak mi se čini da ti to omogućuje i novu dozu kreativnosti.

  2. O hvala ti, Davore......drago mi je sto tako mislis....s mobitelom fotkam ono sto ne bi s aparatom i to me jako veseli jer mi u svakom slucaju donosi fotke drugacije vrste.

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