Saturday, 8 June 2019

Walks With My Dog - Local 24/05/2019 (Celebratory Post)

Yesterday I thought I was never going to write another post under the title "Walks With My Dog", and that the series was about to come to an abrupt and painful end. Yesterday my world collapsed when our puppy Midge went missing after running away with the lead still attached to his collar. We kept scouring the woods and the area around the house and further afield, but Midge was nowhere to be found. The void in our hearts and our home and the prospect of a life without him were unbearable throughout the afternoon and the night. Then G got up at the crack of dawn and was back out looking for the puppy. Not for long: thankfully he found him on the path in the woods very close to our house.
So I dedicate this post to the reunion with our precious puppy. With this post I want to celebrate the good fortune we have had in finding him safe and sound, and the relief of our lives being restored to how they used to be just a couple of days before.

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