Friday, 9 October 2015

Visit to Bronte Waterfalls, Haworth, 29/09/15

I woke up to a lovely early autumn morning. There was a fine mist up on the distant hills and the air was fresh and mellow. I knew the mist would give way to a beautiful weather later on. It was a perfect day for my planned trip to the Bronte Waterfalls up on the Haworth moor. G and I passed it on our way to Top Withins three weeks ago but it was a Sunday and there were far too many people around to experience properly the idyllic and inspiring spot. I made a mental note to return before bad weather set in. Now the day had come I could not wait to get ready and set off.

G gave me a lift to the Morrison's car park from where I took the 760 bus to Keighley.
It is an hour's drive, quite a long journey but I always enjoy it. The bus goes through Calverly, Shipley, Saltaire and Bingley, towns which are all of interest to me either from the photography or shopping point of view. I also spend some time reading on the bus and usually have a sandwich I prepare at home for breakfast. At Keighley I change for Haworth, another fifteen minute bus ride.

So I got off the bus at the Bronte Parsonage Museum and took the path beyond it to Cemetery Road from where my two and a half mile walk to the Waterfalls started. It was getting warmer with the sun pushing through some grey clouds and rising mist. The views from the road were stunning as usual, different each time you walk by, depending on the weather conditions and time of year.

My photos are shown in the order they were taken and are all processed with just a very quick and basic edit. All I did more or less is lightened them slightly because big expanses of sky tend to fool the camera into underexposure. Apart from that all the images are unadulterated and straightforward accounts of a beautiful countryside as it was on the day. Sometimes it is good to do just that - be less arty and just enjoy honest and pure shots.

All along Cemetery Road there are wonderful views over Lower Laithe reservoir. It is impossible not to take a picture or two no matter how many times you have photographed the reservoir from similar viewpoints. The fireweed, although fading now, was still a great pink colour and frames the shot well.

At the end of Cemetery road the route takes you onto the farm track that leads to the Waterfalls across open moorland. This is a view back towards Cemetery Road. I like the detail on the left hand side of the image and the defused light with just a hint of the sun trying to break through the clouds.

A photogenic ruined farmhouse with a lovely view beyond sits on a bend in the track making it impossible for a photographer not to take a shot.

The sort of view that accompanies you on your right the entire one and a half mile distance to the waterfalls.

There is a lot of lovely sheep around and I spotted this one being framed by the fence posts. I love their curiosity that so often makes them look at the camera. Such easy models!

This is roughly where the track narrows to a footpath just before a descent to the waterfalls. Now you can hear the sound of water and you can see the distant Top Withins on the horizon. Ferns most beautiful green colour make a change in the landscape around this area.

The first shot I took of Bronte Waterfalls. I was not completely alone there but it was not too difficult to take photos and have a quiet moment.

Sitting on a rock and reading Emily's poems with a soothing sound of the nearby waterfalls. A touch of bliss and magic!

By the time I was ready to go back, and now I felt well refreshed and revived, the sun has fully come out and was casting a beautiful warm glow on the idyllic surroundings. It was time to take a few last shots before crossing the bridge and climbing the very steep path up the hill.

At the top I walked across a field to Back Lane and then on to the lovely village of Stanbury. From there, after a quick refreshment at the Wuthering Heights pub, I took a bus back to Haworth where I did a bit of retail therapy. It is hard for me not to visit some of Haworth's unique, quaint and delightful shops every time I go there. And I always buy something from the Parsonage shop too for my ever growing collection of Bronte literature. One last thing I did (and usually do) before catching the bus back to Leeds is have a quick cappuccino at my favourite Cobbles and Clay cafe.

It was a most satisfying day filled with pleasure and inspiration. I do not ask for much more other than being able to carry on coming back to this wonderful part of the world.


  1. Wonderful, I love that countryside.
    I recognise your beautiful soul in your work

    1. Aw such a kind comment, dear Ini! Thank you very much! x