Thursday, 4 September 2014

Apricots and Snapdragon

I like to regularly create still life images but I must admit I have really struggled recently. I would prepare and set up a combination of elements, shoot a few frames, look at the result and then discarded it all as I just would not like it. And time after time I would dejectedly put everything away and tidy up without having a decent image in hand. I looked on internet for inspiration. I sort of lean towards classic still lifes consisting of more than two elements and that is the main reason why often it is not easy. It can be difficult to achieve a happy set up where the elements work well together. Then it occurred to me I can also get that vintage and rustic look by shooting just one or two objects at most. I started looking at simple, even minimalist still life images, primarily those by Jill Ferry whom I always admired very much, and slowly I could feel my mojo coming back to me. All of a sudden ideas started filling my head and I felt a rush of excitement as I usually do when I have a picture in my mind that I want to realize.

For the image below I simply took my small vintage bowl and put in it some supermarket bought seasonal fruit and flowers. I used my new laminate floor remnant as the tabletop which I blurred in post processing. I also used a stepladder to get an elevated view point, something I have never done before but like it so much I will use it freely from now on.


  1. Jako simpatična fotka! Osim lijepog motiva i kopozicije, sviđa mi se i kut snimanja..:-)

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