Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Darley Mill Centre

I am a very keen and passionate amateur photographer but not one of those who always carry the camera with them. It's simply not always practical and I don't really get inspired to take photos unless I purposely go out to take them or take the time to create a still life at home. But a while ago I warmed to an idea of taking everyday snapshots with a mobile phone. They may be little more than records of an event, a memory or even creative images... the point would be to take some good shots of everyday life in between my outings with the camera. I needed a new phone with a better camera but I did not want it to cost me very much so I opted for a Motorola G smartphone. I tested it on a trip to Darley Mill, a very beautiful 17th century corn mill owned by the company I work for. Inside there is a most charming home furnishings and homeware and gifts shopping centre as well as a gorgeous restaurant serving delicious food. I don't know what I enjoyed more -  the experience of the mill or taking photos with my new mobile phone. A great day and I hope my new phone will make my life that little bit greater in general.


  1. Tvoje su fotke uvijek izvrsne - :-)

    1. Hvala ti, puno mi znace ovakvi lijepi komentari kao tvoji...