Monday, 22 April 2013

The Chequers Inn, Ledsham, April 2013

This must be one of the most charming traditional country pubs in England. It is situated in the heart of the picturesque village of Ledsham, just outside east Leeds. It has three small rooms full of antique ornaments and objects used in past times and a lovely beer garden. I have been to the pub for a drink before but this time I decided to have my birthday treat meal here. It is not cheap to dine at this place but it is well worth paying a bit more for the fancy and delicious home made food and cosy atmosphere. There is a restaurant upstairs but we chose to eat in the bar downstairs. I took the first photo from behind the table we were sitting at and the two outside images were taken on a previous visit a few days before.


  1. Presimpatično mjesto!!!!
    Volio bi tu navratiti....:-)
    Ovako bar kroz slike možemo osjetiti dio tog posebnog ugođaja!

  2. Hvala, Davore!
    Sigurna sam da bi ti se tu jako dopalo.