Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vintage Spring

I set myself a goal to learn something about photography every week. It may be something to do with taking pictures or with post processing, a simple technique or something more complex, it does not matter as long as I am continuously learning. Of course, it has to be something that suits my images and style. I look at photographers' blogs a lot and last night I came across this easy but very effective tutorial on Kim Klassen's blog on how to use Gaussian blur and Levels Adjustment Layer in PS to achieve a soft, dreamy look. I really liked it and decided to use it on my still life with daffodils and tulips I had shot the other day and was waiting for me to decide how to process it. I also applied a texture to give interest to the background, and also to remove some of the excessive smoothness Gaussian blur creates. Being all about vintage, I finally gave the image a slight sepia treatment which desaturated the colours and produced a brownish tint.