Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Near Threlkeld, Keswick, The Lake District, 05/05/2012

Still no spring in the air, it has been cold and wet, so here is something from the archives. It was taken in my dream land, the Lake District, one of the two places (the other being Yorkshire Dales) where I hope to live one day in a farmhouse surrounded by animals and beautiful countryside I got to love so much. On this occasion, which was last spring, I stayed in a guest house at Keswick around which there are numerous very interesting walks, an absolute paradise for photographers, hikers and nature lovers. Cannot wait to go back there again this year as soon as an opportunity arises.


  1. This is so magical, Vesna! I know I say that about all your photos but this one has such a timeless and enchanting feeling. We were hoping to get to the Lake District this year but a few things have changed on our schedule. So, I look forward to your photos from there!

    (will scan the article for you shortly, it's in the queue). :)

  2. Thank you, dear Georgianna!
    Maybe next year you can come to the Lake District then.
    Don't worry about the article, I know you are very busy. I can wait. xo

  3. Jako, jako lijepi pastoralni pejsaž - baš mi se sviđa!

  4. Hvala, Davore! Drago mi je da ti se svidja!