Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Long Long Winter

When we had another bout of heavy and unwanted snow last Friday I was so uninspired by it that I was determined not to bother taking any more snow pictures at all. But it has been so cold since that the snow is melting very slowly and there is still so much of it around, so I thought maybe I will go out after all and capture the mood of this exceptionally wintry month of March. The shot bellow was taken yesterday just outside Tong village, not far from where I work. Countryside always looks beautiful covered with the white blanket of snow but right now I am ready for a different kind of beauty - that of blue skies and fresh colours of spring. Surely spring must be around the corner despite this cold weather.


  1. Vrlo lijep i inspirativan zimski pejsaž...istina zima se neda - ali ti si to fantastično iskoristila!

  2. Hvala Davore, veselim se travnju!