Monday, 4 February 2019

Tong Village on a Fine Winter Day

Tong village lies on the border of Leeds and Bradford cities and about 15 minutes drive from where I live. It's a rather pretty rural place with a nice country pub, the "Greyhound" and a great garden centre where I used to work. I often meet my friend from Birkenshaw at the Greyhound for lunch and on this cold but beautiful January day we celebrated his birthday there. Before heading back home I made sure I caught the last of the winter sunlight with my iPhone.

Who says winter isn't beautiful?! Well, I certainly love it, just like I do every other season, each month having its own distinctive charm the ever changing nature bestows upon it.


  1. I feel the same... I could never choose a favourite season as they all have the charms, and I love them all!

  2. Beautiful share Vesna. So love seeing your travels and re charming English countryside.