Saturday, 9 June 2018

A June Ramble in the Brontë Country

I was so overjoyed when my bestie from Haworth asked me if I would go for a walk to the Brontë Falls with her. "Always and anytime" was my answer. She couldn't have come up with a better idea for us to spend a Sunday afternoon together.
We had a light lunch in the Cobbles and Clay cafe before heading towards Haworth Moor and the beautiful Brontë landmark the bridge and the falls are. The weather was perfect for walking - overcast and warm; even the usual moorland breeze, which can be quite strong, was absent on this occasion.
When I am in company I don't stop as often to take pics as when I am on my own, nor do I spend as much time composing shots, taking different angles etc; I am quite happy to just take a quick snap here and there, so here are some such pics from the day.

Path through Penistone Hill

View from the path on Haworth Moor; loved the white spring blossom trees dotted around the landscape

I always stop in front of this missing gate opening in the dry stone wall to admire the view

My beautiful Haworth friend, Tish, sitting on the seat shaped rock known as Brontë Chair

Very lazy shot of Brontë Bridge from where we sat down to have a rest. On the right there is the rocky path we came down by. The Falls were just a trickle as it hadn't rained for quite a long time, so no photo of Brontë Falls this time. 

Someone was entertaining themselves and everyone around by making stone stacks around Brontë Bridge

Scene from the top of the very steep path leading away from Brontë Falls looking towards Stanbury

I'm always on the lookout for interesting detail in the countryside

Opposite Lower Laithe Reservoir there was this huge pink rhododendrons cluster -  sheer exultation of June

Shirley Street, Haworth; back from our walk I took a few shots around the village

Church Street with a view of Brontë Parsonage and Old School basking in the mellow late afternoon sunshine

Path along the bottom of the Parsonage cemetery and the kissing gate leading to the start of the most familiar route to Haworth Moor. This was the first time I had seen it with the rhododendron above in full bloom.

Brontë Parsonage and the cemetery wall bearing a stone plate marking the site of the gate leading to the church, which was there in the Brontës time.

I so love poppies and am always looking forward to seeing them at this time of year....

....I saw these gorgeous poppies in the front garden of this beautiful stone house on North Street

Top of Main Street in the early evening, when the visitors had gone home and the charming place resumed its air of idyllic tranquility.

Lounge of  the lovely Weavers Guest House (formerly Wilson's of Haworth) where I stayed for the night.

Visitors Information shop in the early morning misty light. The colourful bunting heralds the oncoming Summer Festival weekend.

Some peonies I found near the Parsonage, another wonderful sight in the month of June

The original "Pillar Portrait" - the only portrait of the Brontë Sisters we have today, painted by their troubled brother Branwell in his teens. It is a property of National Portrait Gallery in London, currently on loan  to the Parsonage  for Emily's bicentenary  birthday at the end of July. Popping into the Parsonage to see  the painting was the perfect thing to do at the end of my visit to Haworth.

So this was yet another walk, another visit and stay in Haworth, my personal paradise on earth and my future home; place that makes me happy like no other. And I am so lucky and grateful to have such a lovely friend there with whom the love for the Brontës is just one of many things I have in common. All in all, I do consider myself a fortunate woman.

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