Wednesday, 23 May 2018

A Saunter Around Bingley St Ives Country Park, West Yorkshire

Last Sunday G, I and a friend of ours went for our first walk around Bingley St Ives. It is somewhere I wanted to go to for a long time, so I was glad the time finally came about. I decided it was going to be just a gentle, carefree stroll without a map for a change and without any plans as to my photography. The main purpose was to relax and simply enjoy nature and lovely weather. Here is a dozen of unpretentious shots of the day the highlights of which were extensive views over valleys and villages, fields of delightful yellow buttercups, purple carpets of lovely bluebells in woodland areas and spotting deer towards the end of our walk.

My buddies with a wood carving of a druid

Druids' Altar Rock

Bingley and River Aire

We thoroughly enjoyed this walk and will be back soon. There is a lot more to St Ives than you can see in one day. I think next time we will follow a map route to make sure we see new things, especially the two ponds. Here is a good website on Bingley St Ives.

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