Thursday, 8 February 2018

Sunny Winter Afternoon in Haworth. Brontë Country

Last Friday was a gorgeous winter day in my favourite Haworth. It was very cold, but the mellow winter sun was out all day. I waited till it got quite low to go for a little stroll with my camera. I loved the blue shadows and golden highlights.

The Parsonage Museum - the home to the Brontë Sisters, the Victorian literary geniuses.

In the middle on the right there is the Old School Room, where all of the Brontë siblings taught. It was built by their father, the Rev Patrick Brontë. Later on the day I took this photo, a private view of the new exhibition to mark Emily Brontë's 200th birthday took place here.

The path behind the Parsonage, which is a path to the sisters' beloved moors. For me it is impossible to walk along here without Charlotte, Emily and Anne in my mind.

The wonderful, for me downright magic Main Street, where photo opportunities never run out.

This is Changegate, called the Ginnel in the Brontës time, which leads to Lord Lane. I thought I'd take a little walk around a part of Haworth where I hadn't been before and decided to go down Lord Lane and on to Springhead Road in search of the Springhead house where The Brontës' friend Joseph Greenwood and his family lived.

I didn't find (or recognize) the Springhead house (will have to do more research into its location), but I did come across this charming scene on the river Worth with a lovely red Wendy house. The backlighting was tricky for photography, but it was giving the scene an air of a fairy tale.

Now it was nearly time to get ready for the opening of the Emily exhibition, so I completed my little circular walk by returning to the village via Victoria Avenue and Mytholmes Lane.

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  1. I love that wendy house. Haworth is high on my visit wish list - I've driven through it or nearby many times but have never stopped there!