Thursday, 15 February 2018

Snowy Day in Haworth, Brontë Country

It was a very cold, but bright day when I left Leeds for Haworth on Monday morning. As I got off the bus at the bottom of the cobbled Main Street I turned my face up towards the sun and felt the usual surge of happiness and excitement at simply being here; and the more so this morning because I was on my way to the amazing Ponden Hall, possibly the model for Thrushcross Grange, or even more likely, Wuthering Heights. I thought I'd walk up to the top of Main Street and get a taxi from there; that way I wouldn't miss out on any possible photos of my favourite street in the world.

By the time I got to the top of the street the sun was already hidden behind some rather ominous clouds, and by the time I rang for a taxi it was snowing heavily; large, thick flakes, whirling in a gusty wind were settling fast on the ground and in no time the place was blanketed in white. The taxi driver quite understandably wouldn't take me to Ponden Hall as the snow storm was likely to be even worse up there. I did feel a pang of disappointment, but the day was far from being spoilt for me. The weather simply cannot spoil my visits to Haworth. You cannot be a big fan of Haworth if you are bothered about the weather, and anyway, inclement weather just gives an extra appeal and atmosphere to this place for me.

The only downside of the wet weather is that I basically cannot take photos as I don't want my camera to get wet. So I headed into the Parsonage, the Brontës' home - the best possible shelter from the wet weather I could possibly wish for. I wandered around the rooms and the shop. I looked out the shop's windows and for the first time ever I was inspired to take a shot from there. It's incredible how the snow transforms the surroundings!

It soon stopped snowing and I stepped outside. To the left was the path to the moors I took a photo of only a few days before. You wouldn't recognise it now. It made for such a lovely rural scene. There were some crows frolicking around in the mid distance, and I just manage to catch two of them flying away.

Soon the sun was shining again, and the day progressed into a gorgeous late afternoon, crisp with melting and dripping snow, and rich in blue skies and glinting whiteness of the roofs and ground.

There is always something exhilarating being in Haworth in the snow for me. I guess it comes from the fact that I would never actually go there if I know it is snowing for fear of being stuck and unable to get back home. Another reason, of course, is that Haworth is so idyllic and extremely beautiful covered in snow.

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  1. Wow, I loved these images Vesna. your love for Haworth shines through.
    Jacquie x