Sunday, 25 February 2018

Recent Still Life

As usual, in between taking pictures of landscape and scenery, I have fitted in some still life work as well. To me still life is very important part of my photography; it is a must do for every month of the year; it is what gives me a true sense of creative achievement in this wonderful pursuit that photography is to me. In the current winter months I have chosen three very different themes.

Winter, with its absence of flowers and colours in the nature, is a good time to do some, what I call, non-floral still life work. I simply look around the house for some objects that I could use to create a story around, while at the same time putting together a visually engaging set up in which the elements interact well with one another. This time it was my antique brown poison bottle and a reproduction of an old bill of fare I bought in the Mother Shipton's Cave Attraction gift shop in Knaresborough.

This is a found still life which I saw in my friend's lovely house in Haworth where I was privileged to stay. I love the little distressed vintage chest of drawers, the angel figurine, and the framed quote. The quote is so simple and yet so inspiring. To me, it reminds us not to take happiness or anything, for that matter, for granted and to always be grateful for everything we have, be it material or spiritual.

This is my latest still life image where I chose to work with the flowers that have started to spring about in the still wintry landscape. The colours are those predominant in February - white and brown. The first flowers of the spring are usually white, and the vegetation is still pretty much brown. And then, there is a bit of yellow too, as the first daffodils tentatively poke their heads through.

And now it's nearly March, and I look forward to seeing what fresh still life ideas come to me.

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