Wednesday, 31 January 2018

A Little Fashion Photoshoot in Zagreb, Croatia

On my recent brief visit to the beloved Zagreb earlier this month I was asked by my lovely niece Haidi and her boyfriend Bruno to photograph the new lines of their lifestyle fashion brand "Creaturae". As I always say, I don't really take photos of people, but occasionally I like working with people who don't mind being photographed, look good on photographs and know how to pose. Haidi is always a great pleasure to take pics of, and this time I also met and worked with two friends of hers who proved to be very good models too, as well as very nice young people.
It was thankfully not too cold a day but it was drizzling steadily, so we had to find a location where we were going to be covered from above. The best choice was the attractive, old bandstand in the popular Zrinjevac park, not far from the city square.

Haidi, who is a yoga teacher, was very pretty in the black viscose dress hemmed with a red frill, and as usual, was relaxed and looking very natural in front of the camera.

Bruno Ilic (Haidi's boyfriend's namesake) is a handsome and very photogenic swimwear and mens' underwear model. The Marlon Brando sweater and hooded top he was modeling looked very good on him.

Manuela Svorcan is a beautiful, slender and, most importantly, very talented young woman. She is a Croatian TV host, singer, dancer, actress and model. I believe any clothes look nice on her and so did the new "Creaturae" black Marlon Brando mini dress.

The five of us spent together a very enjoyable couple of hours on what was my last day in Zagreb. And I was happy to find that the photos came out well and were much appreciated.