Sunday, 23 July 2017

The Villages of Laycock and Goose Eye, West Yorkshire

Two miles west of town of Keighley, on the border with Brontë Country lie two old, small and peaceful villages: Laycock and Goose Eye. I love exploring and photographing picturesque villages and was very pleased to discover these two which are only a slight detour on my way to Haworth.

Wandering around Laycock, I was immediately drawn to the sense of slow pace of life and living in harmony with countryside and nature. The villagers were friendly and took the time to chat to us: there was an owner of a beautiful and unusual, very old house doing some work outside, and further up a group of ladies came out of another house after getting together for a morning coffee. There were some gorgeous gardens teeming with colourful summer blooms and attractive tables with chairs thoughtfully placed to enjoy soothing, far reaching views.

We passed through Goose Eye on our way out of Laycock, but I came back to take photos a few days later. Goose Eye sits in a deep hollow below Laycock and it's known for "The Turkey Inn" pub and a small independent brewery. The hamlet has its origins in the 18th century Industrial Revolution when it was developed around two water powered mills.

On the edge of the car park, which is the site of the former mill dam, there is Turkey Mill where high quality paper was manufactured. The mill has recently been converted into flats.

On the bank of a beck, in a lovely woodland setting stands the Rag Mill. The mill was used to grind up rags to a pulp used in paper manufacture. After a long period of disuse it was converted into apartments in 2000 and thus saved from dereliction.

It was a very hot and sticky day, and we were thankful for the charming 19th century pub being within easy reach. The food and drink were very good indeed at the Turkey Inn and we enjoyed the olde worlde decor. The whole experience of the day felt quite special, and we shall remember this village and the pub in future when we want to go somewhere different.


  1. It's a long time since I went there. It still looks delightful - but then your gift is to make everywhere look delightful!