Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Summer at the Cheerful Chilli, Otley

The Cheerful Chilli is just the sort of place I've always wanted to come across. Even its name states something I love - there is always chillies in my fridge, and they never last very long! But there is so much more to this gorgeous, definitely cheerful place than its name suggests. It is a most charming, converted stone farmhouse; it sits high up above Otley, one of my favourite towns, adjacent to the beautiful Chevin Forest Park; it serves very tasty and healthy, vegetarian food in a relaxing, rustic setting; and it embraces seasons through its lovely garden and country surroundings.

I have been here twice recently - first, at the beginning of July, on a beautiful sunny day. I was in the lovely company of my niece and her partner, so I was not taking many photos. We just enjoyed the wonderful place and a delicious lunch. Then I went back the other day with the sole purpose of getting some more pics. On this occasion it was rather windy and overcast, but the lighting conditions were almost perfect for creative post processing. So in editing some of the pics I took the opportunity to play with my new Jessica Drossin's Dreamy Cloud Overlays.

I instantly fell in love with this building. When I first saw it I felt like a kid in a sweet shop because I knew there were going to be some photos right up my street. This one was taken from the car park which is on a raised level, making for some lovely viewpoints of the house. I am quite pleased with a rather mystic mood I ended up with here.

The flowers around the Chilli were stunning; full marks to the gardener! I just love this foreground with all the gorgeous summer blooms.

A few steps to the right and there is a similar shot with different but equally delightful foreground.

The farmhouse courtyard is used as the outside eating area. The Chilli was closed on the day. It only opens in the evening on weekdays, so I had the whole place to myself. It was a bliss spending an hour or so exploring and photographing the place in peace and quiet.

This must be the most delightful scene I have seen this summer. I had to use it as the cover photo of my Facebook page. Simply love the old door in the stone wall with the cottage garden display in front.

The contrast of pink and purple flowers against the stone wall caught my eye....

.....and I beamed at this glorious floral abundance above the courtyard wall, a sheer celebration of the season.

There were so many good shots in one small place, a real heaven for a photographer like me. I couldn't resist taking a shot with the isolated table on the right, immersed in colourful flowers, and a cute little window above.

 The restaurant/tea rooms consists of several small, cosy rooms with intimate atmosphere.

To the left of the farmhouse there is a barn that can be hired for various events and celebrations!! And beyond the barn all you can see are sweeping views of beautiful countryside.

There were a couple of lovely flowerpots tastefully placed outside the barn door....

.......and another little corner of summer behind the barn -  more feast for the eyes.

Oh, Cheerful Chilli, where have you been all my life?!


  1. Such a lovely and peaceful place! Lovely clicks.




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