Monday, 18 July 2016

Still Life With Flat Peaches

Time for a seasonal still life. I have been eyeing flat peaches in the local supermarket every summer since they first appeared a few years ago. I am always looking for unusual and interesting shapes I can study through my still life work. I can just concentrate on the shape, colours and textures, and keep the composition simple and minimal. For my props I used an old enamel plate my Mum gave me and also one of her old tea towels which I just had to take away from her. A little sprig of basil leaves gives a finishing touch to the set up.

I like to use texture layers in the post processing of my still life images, usually to create a rustic, country look. Here I applied a texture from the recently bought pack by Jessica Drossin, called "Wuthering Heights" which is a famous book title by Emily Bronte. Being a huge fan of the Bronte sisters I was delighted to see Jessica has created textures inspired by her visit to historic Ponden Hall and the moors that the sisters loved and roamed. I just can't wait to try these textures on my other work, particularly Haworth and the Bronte Country. As to my flat peaches I also played with Jessica's Fine Art Tints, hence the lovely, warm and hazy brownish tone to the image.

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