Saturday, 7 May 2016

My New Cameras

As a photographer I have never been overly interested in the equipment, and have always believed that photography is not about what camera and lenses you use but what you do with them. You can take great pictures with a simple and inexpensive camera as long as you have a bit of flair and know how. However, the image quality does improve with technology, and that is something every keen photographer wants to keep up with.
I decided that my 6-7 year old, second hand acquired Nikon D40x DSLR was a bit out of date by now and have upgraded to a D7100.  For my outdoor work I had been using two zoom lenses, an 18mm-55mm and 55mm-200mm, but to be fair I could hardly ever be bothered to change to the latter, so I thought I'd try an "all in one" lens, the one that spans the focal lengths of both lenses - an 18mm - 200mm. I was a bit worried about its weight when attached to a camera body bigger and heavier than the one I had, but after testing the weight at the local Jessop's I was confident that I could get used to it.
I am still getting to know the camera, but I am ready to use it as my main one now and can say that I am completely satisfied on all fronts -  performance, weight, value for money etc.

I also decided to invest in a little compact Sony DSC RX100. I needed a pocket sized camera too; the one I can easily throw in my hand bag and use for those quick socializing shots or in situations where I don't want to draw too much attention to myself shooting with a serious looking DSLR. Also the Sony will be more practical to use in inclement weather as it will be much easier to protect than the Nikon DSLR. I am ever so pleased with the little Sony. With its large sensor and 20.2 megapixel resolution the image quality is virtually the same as that of the Nikon. It also boasts controls similar to those of a DSLR which, considering its size and price, is an amazing advance in technology.

All in all I am very happy with both new "toys", and am also relieved that I won't have to look much at photo equipment in the next few years at least.


  1. Vesna draga - ne mogu vjerovati - mora da smo se dogovorili....i ja imam novi Nikon D7200 i mali Sony RX100 MII.....:-)
    Nevjerovatno koja koincidencija!

    1. Ajme, stvaaaaarno nevjerojatno! Dobro si rekao - precool!!! I bas mi je drago!

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    1. Thank you, much appreciated, you are very kind!

  3. Hi Vesna, it's Maria (Gingercat2008 on flickr)
    Yes, we have similar tastes in cameras. I quite enjoy taking the RX100 with me everywhere, I have a little zippered pouch on a cross-body strap, nice and light.

    I also changed from the same two kit lenses you had been using. I'm now using a Sigma 17-70, which is quite good.

    I find there's lots still to learn on the D7100. Enjoy your new toys and I will enjoy the art you create with them!

    1. Hi Maria, how nice to meet you here!
      I didn't know you too have a RX100! I haven't got a pouch on a cross-body strap yet. It sounds very usuful.
      Yes, there is a lot to learn on the D7100, I take it easy and learn as I go and when I want to try new things. I am particularly grateful for the auto ISO in Aperture mode and the release mode dial now.
      Thank you for your visit. I will enjoy your work with the new camera too.