Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Mid May Outdoor Still Life

When I feel it is time to do a still life I cannot rest till I come up with something. Inspired by some lovely images on Flickr I have wanted to create an outdoor still life for quite a long time. Living on the edge of a nice park means I do not have to go very far at all to find a suitable background or to carry my props to. I realized it was a perfect time of the year to have a go at an outdoor image with grasses growing tall, some dandelions still flowering while others are turning into the fluffy blowballs, and first buttercups just starting to spring up. It didn't take me long to know what I wanted to photograph. It had to be an image to satisfy my romantic soul and, as always, my love for vintage. It was also going to be about presence of people, a notion I got attracted to through looking at Trevillion Images photos. So out goes my antique chair I sit on at the computer, my recently bought floppy hat, an old book and a vintage style bottle filled with summer fruit squash. The bluebells are the most important prop with their gorgeous colour, the contrast they provide and their central position in the composition. I didn't have to go far to pick them either. They are growing in a wide pool around the tree just yards from where I placed the chair.
I took about 20 shots of the set up and chose to edit the one where the grasses and wildflowers are swayed gently by the breeze. Due to the chair being quite small the hat appeared too big in the picture for my liking so I reduced its size in Photoshop.The whole edit didn't take very long the focus being on creating a soft and dreamy mood with a hint of vintage toning.
Quite happy and pleased I have created my first ever outdoor still life. I also wrote this post in the same afternoon, another reason to be pleased with myself as I usually don't work nowhere near so fast.


  1. So pretty and poetic!



  2. Kad sam vidio fotku,odmah sam pomislio da je poetična i sad vidim da ju i drugi vide tako. Jako lijepo.

  3. Lovely post and beautiful photo! :)

    1. Thank you, Linda, for a kind comment!