Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Looking After Jasper

I love animals and I simply adore dogs and cats. We used to have two ginger and white cats but they both met the same mysterious death in the park adjacent to our house so we decided not to have any more cats. We could not face burying another cat and just could not forgive ourselves if another one died on us. We would love to have a dog but we feel there would be times when it would have to be on its own for too long and that just would not be fair on the dog.

So I was very pleased when my friend asked me if I would look after her dog Jasper just for one evening and the following morning while they were away. She asked me if I would just feed him but I said I might as well take him for walks too. I ended up having him overnight at our home. Jasper is a lovely crossbreed between greyhound and border collie. He is a very good-natured and well behaved dog. He felt comfortable with us and did not act any differently from how he normally does at his own home.

I liked taking Jasper out for a walk but did not want to let him off the lead. He would most probably come back to me when called but I just did not want to chance losing him. It was a nippy but beautiful evening and we walked down the path towards the new estate where the low late afternoon sun was creating some lovely light. Of course, I did not want to miss any photo opportunities but since I was holding the lead with one hand I only took my mobile with me.

I really like this shot. The colour tones and contrast between the colours and light are very good and appealing. The unusal pose of the dog caught from its side and looking away from the camera towards the distant houses works well and gives the image a storytelling quality. It was very easy to process this image, the only major step being removing the dog's lead.

This is just an experiment of shooting into the sun with my mobile. Not good quality, but it could be worse. Nice mood though.

A straight and simple portrait of a good boy to give him justice. It was lovely having him around.

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